We're Passionate About One Thing...Your Success!

 Our Mission is to produce national-quality advertising productions for local and regional advertisers at a price they can afford.

Our Story

In the 70's we would sing the community bank name in a song (a jingle) for them to use in their ads on the local radio station.

In 1980, we began producing complete branding campaigns. Having relocated to LA to record in the top studios using world class musicians and singers, we also had access to national quality announcers, voice actors and the sound effects we needed to produce amazing radio spots. To complete the packages we added corresponding newspaper ads using the scripts as copy, as well as collateral materials. (direct mail, billboards, point of sale counter, desk displays, etc.)

When our clients began moving their budgets to social media, and away from advertising locally, we moved into video production. Where previously producing video was cost prohibitive, we discovered that our jingles, video production, and signature music resulted in an affordable high-quality production. Now we have a small production crew for local shoots.

MTI is unique. Usually an advertising company will start working on a local level and then, as they grow and expand, they will aspire to do higher quality work. Eventually they may even work with Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Miller-Beer, etc... Our founder, Gary Michaels, had the idea to take the same level of writers, musicians, singers and bring Madison Avenue quality to the local community banks, credit unions and rural hospitals. We provide that level of excellence to local businesses at a price they can afford. Our licensing fees are normally lower than local agencies but we use the same singers, musicians, and video digital editors who work with the National Advertisers.

Gary Michaels, Founder of MTI Studios - We're Passionate About One Thing...Your Success! Our Mission is to produce national-quality advertising productions for local and regional advertisers at a price they can afford.

Gary Michaels

Founder, MTI Studios

MTI Family

MTI Studios was founded in 1980 to produce National Quality Advertising Productions for Local and Regional Advertisers at an affordable price. Our award winning productions use our original music, Madison Ave copywriters, top LA announcers/voice over talents, sound effects and sound design to make our clients look and sound better than the competition.

Gary Michaels

Founder, MTI Studios

Gregory Michaels

Creative Director/National Sales Manager, MTI Studios

Patricia Michaels

President, MTI Studios

Mary Buster Helen and Billy

A Letter To Our Clients

We at MTI Studios wish to thank all of our clients in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has been a privilege to work with our clients who promote reinvestment in their communities, shopping locally and helping people to realize their dreams.

It is with deep gratitude that we thank you, our clients, for your loyalty and support for the more than 40 years that MTI Studios has known and worked with you. We will continue to give you national quality production at a local, affordable price by using some of the most talented video producers, singers, musicians, voice-over talent and graphic designers in Portland, Los Angeles & New York.

We offer national quality advertising through the use of radio, print, and digital media syndication, or we can produce custom music jingles and complete multi-media marketing campaigns.

Your success is our success. As we’ve helped you grow and expand in the marketplace, you have helped us grow. We very much value your comments and suggestions on how to better serve you. Please email us at info@mtistudios.com or call us at (971) 284-5592.


Patricia Michaels, President
MTI Studios

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