Radio Advertising

Radio gets results. Consistently over many years people like the Nielsen company have reported that the ROI return on investment for radio advertising has averaged across all categories, $10 to $12 average return on each $1 invested.

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Recently some clients are returning to the idea that Radio Advertising is part of a complete marketing campaign. Consistently over the past (20) years, Radio's ROI has averaged across multiple categories a $10 - $12 return for every $1 invested.
  • AM/FM radio reaches 94% of business decision makers every week
  • AM/FM radio rules the car, where commuting business decision makers are a captive audience
  • Business decision makers are similar in profile to AM/FM radio’s most frequent listeners
  • AM/FM radio connects with business decision makers on an emotional and intellectual level

Would your business benefit from radio advertising?

We provide a variety of radio announcements that bring your business branding and mission to life with audio accents. Our package includes up to 45 radio spots that include a digitally mastered CD with your company’s name and logo. We also offer 45 radio production spots, one of which features your own employees and local announcers.

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